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French Post Office - Houses of the Mediterranean
The French Post Office released a new series of stamps by Isy (September 2018).
Details and related blog.
French Post Office - Red Cross
The French Post Office released it's fourth series of stamps by Isy (May 2018).
Red Cross
Additional information (en français).
Saint-Denis-en-val Philatelic Club
Isy was commissioned to paint a card commemorating the 30-year anniversary of the Saint-Denis-en-val Philatelic Club (May 2014).
Saint Denis1 Saint Denis2
National Celebration of Stamps
The National Celebration of Stamps Celebrates Flying with an original Ochoa painting for it's official postcard (Oct. 2013).
French Post Office - Red Cross
The French Post Office released it's third series of stamps by Isy. Isy dedicated stamps in Paris at the Carré d'Encre (June 2013).
Salon of Stamps
The Great Men of French History LISA series stamps were an original creation for the 2012 Salon of Stamps and sold there exclusively (Oct 2012).
Ready-to-send personalized envelope; Savigny-sur-Braye by Isy for Phil@Poste. (April 2011)
French Post Office - Regional Flavors
Flavors of Our Regions. The French Post commissioned Isy for 2 booklets of 12 stamps highlighting regional food. (June 2010)
More details available, en français.
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