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Isy, born in France, works in her Loir Valley atelier.

She is a graduate of the prestigious schools École Supérieure d'Arts Graphiques, Met de Penninghen, and Académie Julian.

Using a brilliance of colors, Isy's work captures the energy and pleasures of life as we would try to hold them in our most vivid and cherished memories.

She is widely known for her work for the French Post Office, having painted originals for multiple series of stamps. Isy also has a large following for her nature-morts (still life) and cats. Companies such as IKEA, UNICEF, PORTAL, and US PLAYING CARD agree and have chosen her images for their merchandise. Many of her original images have been reproduced on cards, stationery, calendars, address books, and more.

Isy is also a well-sold author and illustrator of several books which showcase her diverse creative talents and artistic styles. Her repertoire includes oil on canvas, watercolors, and sketching.

Isy's work has been sold at auction with the famous Christie's auction house beginning in 1998. She is one of the youngest artists to be sold through Christie's.

Needless to say, Isy has a strong following in the United States and Europe.

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